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Complete Korean

An introduction to Korean. Our Korean course is designed for beginners, available on desktop or app so that you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Hangeul made simple

Learn the Korean alphabet, Hangeul (Hangul), in easy-to-digest sections, including videos teaching how to write each letter.

Bite-sized lessons

Develop reading and writing skills first in short but effective lessons to master Korean.

The best way to learn Korean

Local language knowledge

Watch videos to improve listening skills and pronunciation from the first lesson and get feedback from native Korean speakers in the Busuu Community.

Study smarter

Let Smart Review help you revise tricky words and grammar. Content is added each time you complete a Korean lesson to easily see what needs more work.

Korean lessons designed by experts

Our experienced lesson designers have broken down everything you need to know when learning to read, write and speak Korean. Mix basics like introducing yourself with learning Hangeul and understanding the differences between polite and casual language.

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Speak Korean with confidence

1. 10 minutes a day

Learning a language in short bursts is best for long-term memory. Love Korean movies or listening to K-Pop? Use them to help you understand even more, faster.

2. Track your progress

We make it easy to visualise your goals. See how far you’ve come with your Fluency Score, complete your daily streak and challenges, or even compete with other learners on the Leaderboard.

3. Make lots of mistakes

Whether you’re just getting started or working on advanced vocabulary, making mistakes is the quickest way to learn. You’ll get plenty of practice in our Conversation feature and supportive community of learners.

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